Tax relief for working from home

If your employer has requested that you work from home you can claim tax relief for some of the bills you pay that are related to your work. These tax reliefs have always been available, but as many of us are now being instructed to work from home, a claim for the use of your home, from your employer or HMRC, may be relevant.

Employers can reimburse employees for the additional household expenses incurred through regularly working at home. The relief covers expenses such as business telephone calls or heating and lighting costs for the room in which you are working. Expenses that are for both private and business use (such as broadband) cannot be claimed.

Since 6 April 2020, your employer can pay you up to £6 per week (or £26 a month for employees paid monthly) to cover your additional costs if you have to work from home. These figures increased from £4 per week (or £18 a month for employees paid monthly) up to 5 April 2020. You will not need to keep any specific records if you receive this fixed amount.

Alternatively, you can claim tax relief from HMRC. You can claim more than the quoted amount, but you will need to provide evidence. Note, if you have agreed with your employer to work at home voluntarily, or you choose to work at home, you cannot claim tax relief on the bills you have to pay.

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