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Tax on property you inherit

If you inherit property, you are usually not liable to pay tax on the inheritance you receive. This is because any Inheritance Tax (IHT) due should be paid out of the deceased’s estate before any cash or assets are distributed to the estate beneficiaries. 

The rate of IHT currently payable is 40% on death and 20% on lifetime gifts. IHT is payable at a reduced rate on some assets if an individual leaves 10% or more of the 'net value' of their estate to a charity.

If you inherit a property, you are generally not liable for Stamp Duty, Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax and HMRC would make contact if you had IHT to pay.

If you receive an inheritance, you will be liable to Income Tax on any profit or gains received or earned after the inheritance. For example, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any increase in property value if you dispose of the property after the date of inheritance or tax on any rental income received. If inheriting a property means you then own two properties, you must tell HMRC which property is your main home within two years. There are special rules if the property is held in trust.

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